Theme & Topics

Theme : From Past to the Future – Transformation and Cooperation

Topics : Industrial Transformation
Marine Tourism
Cooperation of Harbor Cities and Urban Planning
Sustainable Development




Discovery of 2015 International Harbor Cities Conference

In preparation for the「Global Harbor Cities Forum」in 2016, Kaohsiung convened a precursor「International Harbor Cities Conference」in August 2015 to help strengthen cooperation among harbor cities. We invited internationally renowned harbor city leaders to Kaohsiung to share experiences regarding urban transformation, industrial redevelopment, and creative strategies to enhance harbor cities.
From the 2015 International Harbor Cities Conference, we were able to narrow down the scope of our discussions to five key areas of focus:
1. harbors’ operational systems
2. sustainable city developments
3. utilization of maritime resources and coastal tourism
4. innovative industrial development and transformation
5. land development and utilization.

Through increased dialogue and cooperation, Kaohsiung hopes to increase investment opportunities and spur economic growth among participating international harbor cities


GHCF Benefits

Benefits of the Forum include

★ The opportunity to share and discuss experiences with other international harbor cities

★ The opportunity to showcase successes to an international audience

★ The opportunity to learn about the economic growth of harbor cities