(Extracted from 2014 Lord Mayoral Business Mission)


City of Brisbane Snapshot

➔ Australia’s third largest city

➔ Located in South East Queensland

➔ Population of 2.2 million (Source: www.choosebrisbane.com.au)

➔ GDP of $146 billion (Source: www.choosebrisbane.com.au)

➔ Most business friendly region in Australia

➔ Top 15% for nurturing innovation


Brisbane is Australia's New World City, with a $146 billion economy. (Source: www.choosebrisbane.com.au)

As one of the fastest growing regions in Australia, Brisbane accounts for almost half of Queensland’s economy. Brisbane continues to move toward a knowledge-based economy that will sustain long term prosperity for the city. Its economic growth is fuelled by a competitive base for doing business and high levels of business investment. Key industries include professional services, education and training, infrastructure provision, food and agribusiness, manufacturing and logistics, life sciences and healthcare, resources and energy, digital industries and information and communication technology (ICT).


Brisbane is a thriving multicultural hub with a population of 2.2 million, making it the third-largest city in Australia. It also has the largest population growth rate of any capital city in Australia. An inner-city population density less than Sydney and Melbourne keeps accommodation affordable around the city's major education precincts and provides students and residents with plenty of open space to enjoy.

The multicultural and linguistically diverse population has one quarter of residents born overseas and 16 per cent speaking a language other than English at home. This means you'll be able to meet and make friends with students not just from Australia, but from all over the world. (Source: www.choosebrisbane.com.au)


In 2014, the top leaders of the world’s most dominant economies met in Brisbane for the G20 Leaders Summit – the world’s premier forum for global economic cooperation and decision making. The

Summit shone a spotlight on the city and its vibrant and entrepreneurial business community, world-class facilities and enviable climate and lifestyle.


Brisbane continues to secure its reputation as a city of opportunity, fast becoming an international destination of choice for business, investment and major events for the Asia Pacific. The city is the home to major international events including the Asia Pacific Cities Summit

(APCS), Asia Pacific Triennial of Contemporary Art (APT) and the Asia

Pacific Screen Awards (APSA).