Education & Qualifications

Professional Engineer of Environment
Seoul National University

Work History

Samsung C&T Corporation
Executive Director, Doosan Engineering
Co-Representative and Creator of Suwon Eco-Center
Secretary, Civil Network for Suwon Stream Reviving Project (1996)
Chair of Suwon Toilet Association (2000~2004)
Commissioner, Gyeonggi-do City Planning Commission
Commissioner, Gyeonggi-do Construction Commission
Secretary General & Chair of Steering Committee, Local Sustainability Alliance of Korea
Secretary to the President for National Agenda (2005.1~2006.2)
Commissioner, President Advisory Policy Planning Commission
Standing Audit, Korea National Park Service
Chair, Civic Special Committee for Restoring Suwon Subway Budget (2009)
Representative Member, Suwon Civic Committee for the memory of Late President Roh Moo-hyun
Representative, Suwon Renaissance Forum
Vice Spokesperson, Democratic Party
Vice Chair, Gyeonggi-do Province of Democratic Party (Local Autonomy)
5th Elected Mayor of Suwon City
President, The South Gyeonggi-do Mayors Council (2010~2012.6.30)
President, Metropolitan Mayors Council (2010~2013.6.30)
President,  UNESCO  World  Heritage  Cities Conference (2010~2012.12.31.)
President, Local Governments Friendship and Exchange Council (2010~2013.2.28)
ICLEI Global Executive Committee Member (2010~ )
Co-Chair, Local Decentralization Movement (2012.10.9~ )
Honorary Member, IRHA (2013.10.4~ )
President, World Toilet Association (2014.2~ )
6th Elected Mayor of Suwon City(2014.7.1.~ )