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Professional Background

Nils has joined Zaha Hadid Architects in 2004 and has developed a large design portfolio spanning Europe, the Middle East and Asia, with a focus on cultural facilities such as Performing Arts Facilities and Museums as well as projects involving novelty design, engineering and construction solutions.

In recent years, he has been working on complex high-rise structures, and has recently set the world construction speed record for high-rise buildings with the Nanjing NIYCC complex.

Nils co-leads Cluster 1, a business unit within Zaha Hadid Architects focussing on large cultural, infrastructure and transportation projects.

Previously, he worked for ABB Architekten and Bernhard Franken Architekten in Frankfurt on award- winning projects for BMW – and as a freelance Engineering Consultant on projects by Massimiliano Fuksas, amongst others.


Education & Teaching

Nils has an academic background in experimental computational geometry. He studied in Germany and Italy and graduated from the Technische Universitaet Darmstadt, Germany with a degree in architecture in 2002, where his curriculum expanded into aerospace projects working with Airbus and the European Space Agency, focussing on high intensity working environments and long term mission habitat design.

At Zaha Hadid Architects, he founded the computational design research group CODE, developing next-generation technologies for contextual design, form finding and rationalisation, and exploring the potential of computational design from object to urban scale environments.

Beyond in-house research, the CODE group engages in academic workshops and research partnerships with universities around the world, and has a track record of academic programmes in the UK,  US, China, India, Mexico, Turkey, Japan and the United Arab Emirates. On the application end, the group engages with industry leaders partnering in developing both manufacturing technologies and software applications expanding the repertoire of technology for the built environment.



Nils has worked on a multitude of large-scale projects for ZHA, including the Eli and Edythe Broad Art Museum in Michigan/ USA, the Dubai Opera House and Cultural Centre in Dubai, the Abu Dhabi Performing Arts Centre and the Algiers Presidential Palace in Algeria.

Currently, Nils is Project Director for the 473,010m2 NIYCC mixed-use development, comprised of Offices, retail areas, a five star hotel, a conference centre and exhibition halls. He is also responsible for the 25,000m2 Grand Theatre de Rabat currently under construction in the Kingdom of Morocco. The €120 million project includes a 1,822-seat Grand Theatre, a 7,000-person Amphitheatre, as well as a 130-seat Multi-purpose theatre.