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Sinology/ History Leiden University, Taiwan University, Kyoto University

Doctoral Thesis   Strange Company, Chinese Settlers, Mestizo Women and the Dutch in VOC Batavia,1986

                                (Verhandelingen KITLV 122), Dordrecht: Foris. 302 pp. (second imprint 1988)


Office Indonesia Studies, Leiden 1975-1977.

Teaching at Leiden in various positions since 1978

Appointed professor at Leiden by Royal Academy of Sciences 1996.

Full professor at Leiden since 1998, emeritus since 2011.

Yearly visiting professor Nanyang Research Institute, Xiamen University 1996-

Leader of TANAP and ENCOMPASS projects 2000-2011.


One year Sabbaticals/ guest professorships

Sleby Cullom Davis Center, Princeton University1990,

Netherlands Institute for Advanced Study (NIAS) Wasssenaar 1900,

Erasmus Professor at Harvard 2005,

Jimbun Kagaku kenkyujo, Kyoto University 2012.

Co-founder and editor (1978-1998 of Itinerario, The European Journal of Overseas History, Cambridge University Press.


Author and editor of various books and articles 

Bitter Bonds, A Colonial Divorce Drama of The Seventeenth Century (2002), 

Gongan bu, Bacheng huaren Gongguan Dangan公案簿, 吧城花人公馆 档案 (Gong An Bu –Minutes of the Board Meetings of the Chinese Council) 13 vols (2002-2015), 

Visible Cities: Canton, Nagasaki and Batavia and the Coming of the Americans.(2008).


Supervision 43 accomplished PhD theses.

Member of the Academia Europaea