Mr. Freddie Hsu is born with the spirit of dedicated service and having good people skills. For this reason, Freddie chose the tourism course as his major subject, and joins the tourism industry after his graduation from Aletheia University since 1979. 

During the period of 1979 to 1987, Freddie had successfully taken different positions in various travel agencies, and he had finally established his own company in 1988. Auspiciously, Freddie started to cooperate with the Princess Cruises Group to found the Cruise Professional Inc. as the general agent of Princess Cruises and Queen Cruises in 2000. Moreover, Freddie was further in charge for Princess Cruises and Queen Cruises in Greater China from 2005 to July of 2013. 

In July of 2013, Freddie was assigned a new position as the Country Director by Carnival Corporation & plc. (Carnival plc.), and he is responsible for Princess Cruises and Queen Cruises to achieve the Asia development program. Taiwan is one of stepping stones for Princess Cruises to expand the Asian market, so Freddie will continue to work hard for serving Taiwanese people and promoting the benefits of cruise travel.