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Yujiro Kuwabara, President of JTB Global Travel Service, LLC and Travel Plaza Transportation, LLC joined JTB Hawaii, Inc. in September of 1981.  Yujiro brings with him 35 years of experience in the tourism market.  For much of that time he worked for JTB Hawaii, Inc. where he worked his way up and held managerial positions in Customer Service, Planning, Marketing and Purchasing and became the Director and General Manager.  In 2010 he achieved the distinction of dual appointments under JTB Hawaii, Inc. group as President of Travel Plaza Transportation, LLC.  and JTB Global Travel Service, LLC with focus on wider global markets , providing a broad scope of all-inclusive multilingual high quality travel service to Hawaii for customers from Taiwan, China, Korea and other Asian countries in addition to Japan as well as Australia, Canada , Latin America and other global locations.

Known in the industry as the trend maker for the Japan-to-Hawaii market, he was one of the driving forces behind JTB Hawaii’s unique and award winning ‘Oli  ‘Oli System, which provides the traveler with a complete, high-quality, dependable travel experience with emphasis on individual preference and freedom of choice.  Yujiro was one of the initial starters of the Honolulu Festival and founder of the Honolulu Festival Foundation which recently celebrated its 22nd consecutive year of perpetuating cultural unity between the people of Hawaii and the Pacific Rim.

Yujiro has served as Marketing Committee Member of the Japan Hawaii Tourism Council, Vice Chairman of the Japan Hawaii Travel Association and Board Member of the Honolulu Festival Foundation.