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Nico Tillie (1972) works as a researcher and lecturer at the Urbanism department, chair landscape Architecture of Delft University. He is director of the European office of the World Council on City Data , the global registry for ISO37120 on city indicators, where he links international and local city data to challenges in cities for informed decision making. He is a senior fellow of the global cities institute of the University of Toronto and representative of the German Marshall Fund in Washington DC. 

He holds two Msc. degrees in plant breeding & genetics as well as in landscape architecture from Wageningen University. He has lectured in numerous places across the world. He published on his on livable low carbon cities (for his PhD), focusing on integrating sustainable development and resilience planning into the overall planning process.

In the passed 15 years he worked for the City of Rotterdam where he worked on various projects ranging from Urban Energy and water systems, planting schemes, the Museumpark, urban metabolism and citywide, densification, adaptation and mitigation plans.