Container Tribe “KUBIC” coming soon to Asia’s New Bay Area at the end of March.


In order to make a preparation for “KUBIC”, Kaohsiung City government, Urban Development Bureau went to “COMMON CROUND” in Seoul, S. Korea and “ART BOX” in Bangkok, Thailand via harbor cities connection, and gained the related creation and experience from these places. Not only this, but looking forward to building up the place where we could have international conferences, exhibitions, co-creations as well as environment of running business for young adults.


“KUBIC”, K for Kaohsiung and cubic, U for urban, B for boxes, I for innovation, C for creation. This logo contains teal, tangerine, yellow and purple, the iconic colors represent that teal for ocean, tangerine for enthusiasm, yellow for sunny, purple for continuous creation.


Getting closer and having more and more opportunities to cooperate among harbor cities in the close future, let’s look forward to next big event, 2018 GHCF.


Reference:Kaohsiung City Government Website

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