Hosted by Kaohsiung City, Global Harbor City Forum 2016 opened today (Sep. 6th), attracting a total of 49 domestic and foreign cities to attend. Immediately after the opening ceremony, Selangor, Malaysia signed a Digital Content Incubation Center and Halal Certification memorandum of cooperation with the Kaohsiung City Government to jointly promote bilateral economic and trade cooperation between Malaysia and Kaohsiung. This effectively makes Kaohsiung the premium choice of portal when it comes to conducting business with Southeast Asian countries.

The forum is attended by representatives from 28 foreign cities, among which 12 from Southeast Asia. Representatives from Selangor, Malaysia, lead by Datuk Teng Chang Khim, traveled to Kaohsiung to not only take part in GHCF 2016, but also to sign a MOU with the Kaohsiung City Government. Deputy Mayor Li-Ming Hsu of Kaohsiung and Datuk Teng Chang Khim stood witness to this wonderful event.

In his speech, Deputy Mayor Hsu mentioned that by hosting GHCF 2016, Kaohsiung aims to not only to expand its inter-city relationships, but also to further strengthen the city's connections with Southeast Asia. In recent years, the harbor city of Kaohsiung has been actively promoting industrial restructuring, encouraging knowledge industrialization towards high-value emerging industries. In light of the newly formed alliance between the Digital Art Kaohsiung United Office (DAKUO), run by the Economic Development Bureau of Kaohsiung City Government, and the Selangor Digital Creative Centre (SDCC), more startups could receive guidance to overcome the difficult entrepreneurial process, or to expand business opportunities and provide other services. It could furthermore contribute to bilateral cooperation opportunities and establish subsidiaries; in addition, the global Muslim population, which accounts for about a quarter of the world's population, presents huge market potentials, and Selangor has established a set of international standards. Through collaborations with the Selangor Halal Certification Center, Kaohsiung could now introduce more of its excellent products into the Southeast Asia halal market.

Through hosting this event, Kaohsiung has built a bridge of communication with industries in Malaysia, and could gain a better understanding of the need and aspirations of business developments in Southeast Asian. Kaohsiung has now the full potential to become the base of operation to carry out the new government’s Southward Policy. 

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