The 2016 Global Harbor Cities Forum, which is launched by Kaohsiung, will be held in Kaohsiung Exhibition Center from September 6th to 8th. The three-day agenda focuses on the discussion of the four topics- “Cooperation of Harbor Cities and Urban Planning,” “Industrial Transformation,” “Marine Tourism” and “Sustainable Development.” There are four panel discussions on each topic and 16 in total. Through the exchange of creative governing experiences, the forum aims to increase competitiveness of global harbor cities.

Cities and Urban Planning
Deputy Mayor of Da Nang, Vietnam, Mayor of Panama and Yokohama International Affairs Bureau will be invited to speak for the topic of “Re-evaluating the Function of Harbors in a New Era.”The topic is to discuss the process of activating and redeveloping the harbor area, and the transformation of space and industrial structure. It also includes the issues as the following: the release of aqua-friendly environment from old harbor area, the plan of culture and recreation activities, the plan of the high-speed logistics in the new harbor area, the green power smart harbor and the harbor industrial agglomeration.

We will invite the delegates from London and Liverpool, the Euroméditerranée Project Office in Marseille, and the delegates from Vancouver, Canada, to share the case studies and the strategies about activating and redeveloping the harbor area. Roland Blum, Deputy Mayor of Marseille, will conduct a panel discussion on the topic of “Cooperation of Harbor Cities and Urban Planning: Broadening Cooperation between Harbors and Urban Centers.”

Industrial Transformation
The first panel discussion on the topic is conducted by Michael Tu, the director-general in Taiwan Events Association(TEA). Fukui Shohei will be the speaker, too. He was the chief producer of EXPO 2005 AICHI, JAPAN. Besides, Bert Van Walbeek , the master of tourism marketing, will share the case studies on MICE activities. The delegates from Barcelona and England will speak on the topic of “M.I.C.E. Industry Promotion as a Catalyst for Harbor City Transformation.”

Kwon Oh-bong, commissioner of Korea Gwangyang Bay Area Free Economic Zone (GFEZ), Tan Khee Giap, chairman of PECC’s (Pacific Economic Cooperation Council) Singapore Committee, and the manager of Chile Iquique Free Trade Zone will do the case sharing on free-trade harbor districts. Lien-Chi Hsieh, director of Kaohsiung Customs, Chih-Ching Chang, chairman of Taiwan International Ports Corporation, Kris Chang, vice president of business development & commercial department for DP World in Asia Pacific region, and chairman in Chile Iquique Free Trade Zone will give speeches on “Using Free-trade Harbor Districts to Attract International Investment.”

Marine Tourism
Scott Lu, general-director of Hawaii Taipei Business Association and Yujiro Kuwabara , chairman of Travel Plaza Transportation, LLC will speak on the topic of  “Case Studies on Harbor-based Celebrations of Festivals and Large-scale Tourism Events.” The delegates of Ministry of Maritime Affairs &Fisheries in Pusan, Korea, Penang State Government, and Okinawa Convention & Visitors Bureau will speak on “Case sharing on the Key Elements to Building a Successful Cruise Terminal.” Also, Royal Caribbean International, Star Cruises, Princess Cruises and Hsun-Feng Wu, chairman of Taiwan International Cruise Council will speak on “Leveraging the Cruise Industry to Develop the Workforce and Enhance Logistics.”

Sustainable Development
Chris Zevenbergen, chairman of Water Engineering Department of UNESCO-IHE and Flood Resilience System in Urban Areas, and Hsueh-Wen Chang, professor of Biological Sciences Department in National Sun Yat-sen University will both speak on “Resilient Harbor City: Ecological Conservation and Adaptation.” The delegates from the field of industry, official and university in Taiwan, Hong Kong and America will give speeches on “Clean Harbor: Minimizing Air and Water Pollution in Harbor Districts,” sharing the experience of controlling harbor’s pollution by decelerating the vessels.
The delegates from Seoul and Taiyuan in Korea, Copenhagen in Denmark, Kochi in India, and Sydney in Australia will speak on “Promoting Eco-friendly Transport Systems in Harbor Cities,” sharing the experiences of transformation.

The attending cities each has innovation in industrial information and experience in city development. There will be insightful exchanges during panel discussions. List of attending cities: http://2016ghcf.org.tw/speakers.php

Early bird price applicable, limited seats available!

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