Chen Chu, Mayor of Kaohsiung, was invited to International Waterfront Forum 2016 (IWF) in Liverpool, England. During her trip to Europe, Mayor Chen also visited several European harbor cities. She found that Kaohsiung and those cities have a lot in common in their courses of development. They were all built on commerce and industry and are currently faced with the same issues of industrial transition and old harbor area’s redevelopment.

By elaborating on how Kaohsiung transformed from a small fishing village to the first commercial harbor in Taiwan and its successes in green, ecological, technological and cultural developments, Mayor Chen successfully introduced Kaohsiung to the world in the forum. Knowing Kaohsiung further, many harbor city delegates in IWF accepted Chen’s invitation to 2016 Global Harbor Cities Forum in Kaohsiung from September 6th to 8th.

Kaohsiung has got lots of knowledge and friendship in this trip. Liverpool, for one, is one of the few cities in the world that are situated downtown with moorings for cruise liners. It is also awarded the Best UK Port of Call and the Destination of the Year in several consecutive years. In their visit to the Liverpool Cruise Terminal, Mayor Chen and her delegation learned how Liverpool attracts marine traders to berth and opt for the harbor as their homeport.

Antwerp for another. The geographic advantages make Antwerp, Belgium, a great harbor. In terms of the patterns of developments of naval architecture and steel and petrochemical industrial economy, Antwerp and Kaohsiung share many similarities. Therefore, during the visit in Antwerp, Mayor Chen and her delegation shared many ideas and experiences on related issues of harbor city operation and petrochemical area management.

All of the harbor city delegates to the 2016 GHCF show high expectations towards the forum. It will be a festival for the world to know Kaohsiung and also for Kaohsiung to sail into the world.

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