First time ever in the world! 2016GHCF in Kaohsiung!

Initiated by Kaohsiung City, the 2016 Global Harbor Cities Forum will commence this September!


Representatives from over 30 cities, including ASEAN, North East Asia, Europe and America, are all coming to Kaohsiung to take part in this large scale international conference that is estimated to have near 1000 participants. Through the connecting of the cities, delegates will explore the possibilities and prospects of harbor cities together.


In the recent years, Kaohsiung has proven its various strengths in the M.I.C.E. industry through successfully hosting of different international events.

In 2009, The World Games.

In 2013, The Asia Pacific Cities Summit and the World Dance Sport Games.

In 2014, the AIESEC International Congress.


As the largest harbor city in Taiwan, the very first time for Kaohsiung City Government to be the initiator for an international forum, 2016 Global Harbor Cities Forum.


Kaohsiung M.I.C.E.! We are ready!


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