Attending Cities

Mr. Mohamed Shihab was elected as the Mayor of the Male’ City Council in February 2014. With over 30 years of work experience in both the public sector as well as the political arena, Mr. Shihab has held respected positions such as the Speaker of the People’s Majlis (legislature of the Maldives), Minister of Home Affairs, Minister of Finance and Treasury and Advisor to the President on Political Affairs, President’s Office. He is also one of the longest serving members of the People’s Majlis, having been elected for 25 consecutive years until he retired in 2009. Mr. Shihab also served as the Managing Director of the Maldives Post Limited and was the Chairperson of the Public Enterprises Monitoring and Evaluation Board, Ministry of Finance and Treasury. Mr. Shihab holds a Bachelor of Economics from James Cook University, Australia.



About Male’

Male is the capital city of the Republic of Maldives. It is one of the most densely populated islands in the world. It is estimated that there are more than 150,000 people living in Male City. More than one third of the whole of the country lives in Male City. At present Male city is comprised of 3 islands. They are Male, Vilingili and Hulhumale. The land area of the main island Male is less than 6 square kilometres.

Male City is the seat of government and the commercial centre. All of the government offices are located in Male and almost all the business is carried out in Male. Less than 1 percent of the land is available for public space. On average 9 people live in one household.

The main international port and the main commercial port is located in Male. The main streets are lined up with shops and offices and the narrow roads are very congested with traffic mostly with motor cycles and cars.

Male is known for its large number of historical mosques. One of the oldest mosque is the Male Friday Mosque which is a 17th-century mosque built of coral stone and housing intricate wood carvings which attracts a large number of tourists.