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March 1983    M.S. in Engineering, Osaka City University, Japan



April 1983     Join the City of Osaka, Japan

April 2010     Director for Waterfront Promotion and Development, Port and Harbor Bureau, City

of Osaka

April 2013     Director for Planning and Construction, Port and Harbor Bureau, City of Osaka

April 2016     Director General, Port and Harbor Bureau, City of Osaka 

About Osaka

Osaka is the largest city in western Japan, and carries a long history of 1,500 years. In ancient times, Osaka was the capital of Japan and was the gateway to international exchanges. In recent decades, it has flourished as the center of commerce and finance, and has played an essential role in the development of Japan’s industries and economy.

As the “second engine” of the country, Osaka has the potential to lead Japan’s economy along with Tokyo. Not only does Osaka have a large-scale market and developed urban infrastructure, it has many other strengths including technology, industries, tourism, culture, and sports.

The surrounding Kansai metropolitan area has a population of approximately 21 million people, and an enormous market with a gross regional product (GRP) of 788.7 billion dollars (as of 2013). There are many companies in various fields that are active with various projects, and advanced research and academics carried out by numerous universities and research institutions.

There is the urban landscape of the “Water Capital Osaka,” arts and culture which include historic sites and cultural properties, a rich food culture, amusement facilities such as Universal Studios Japan, and abundant tourism resources. With the highly convenient transportation system including the 24-hour Kansai International Airport, we welcome over seven million visitors (as of 2015) from abroad every year.

In addition, we actively utilize our international network including sister cities, as well as the special zone system where relaxations are relaxed. By doing this, we provide a world-class business environment to bring in investors and companies from overseas. At the same time, we are trying to create vibrant local communities where the safety and security of city residents are ensured.

As described above, we are giving all our energy to create a vigorous and dynamic Osaka where human resources, investment, and information come from within and outside the country, aiming to make Osaka the “second capital” of Japan. We truly hope that everyone around the world can experience these valuable features of Osaka.