Attending Cities


Mr. Jakob Hougaard is born in 1974. He has an education as Anthropologist. He has been a member of the Copenhagen City Council since 2001 for the Social Democratic Party. He is currently the vice chair for the Technical and Environment Committee and vice chair for the Greater Copenhagen Utility. He is also the former Mayor of Copenhagen, Employment and Integration Administration.”




Copenhagen – Probably the most liveable city in the world


Copenhagen is a growing city – with 590,000 inhabitants we expect to grow with another 100.000 in the next 10 years  so the city is working hard to secure housing for the new citizens that are both attractive and affordable. The city has a number of ambitious goals – one of them is to become the first capital to be carbon neutral – already in 2025. The city has come a long way towards achieving that goal by reducing carbon emissions by 40 percent since 2005.

Everything the city does is done with the aim of creating a more liveable city. With 50% of the copenhageners biking every day the city is the number one city for bicycles. It prevents congestion – reduces pollution and makes the copenhageners happier and healthier.

And since 2002 copenhageners can swim in the harbour of Copenhagen, because the city has worked hard to close sewer overflows and to make the harbour an attractive area for the citizens. And in the summer it is the centre of life in the city.

So Copenhagen is working hard to remain the most liveable city in the world.