About Kaohsiung

Host City — Kaohsiung

Kaohsiung is a splendid city featuring not only mountains, sea, rivers, and ports, but also a rich culture and beautiful cityscape. Kaohsiung sincerely welcomes your visit.


Kaohsiung, the largest harbor city in Taiwan, is a beautiful and modern metropolis located in southern Taiwan. It is a tropical harbor city known for its warm, pleasant climate with abundant sunshine. Kaohsiung is also a diverse marine city with a range of different cultures, including aboriginal. Through continuous efforts by citizens and the government, the city has evolved into a friendly, exciting, and creative place, abounding in culture, tourism, and green spaces.


Kaohsiung is a fully integrated metropolis featuring an international airport and world-class seaport, which have turned the city into a center for global production and a springboard for ventures into the global market. Kaohsiung also initiated the Asia New Bay Area Redevelopment Project and actively participated in the Free Economic Pilot Zone development plan. These projects have transformed the city into a hub for industrial innovation, bringing in public and private resources. Capital and human resources have been used to develop tourism, stage exhibitions and conventions, produce digital content, enhance culture, produce agriculture, improve processing, and develop smart logistics.